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Computer Insider Show #2018-14

Today on Computer Insider, CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s been fun watching the stories last week on mainstream TV news from CES because they really have no idea what the show is about, and why it’s important. Way back in the beginning of computer time, new computers were being introduced on an almost daily basis, with each new product offering more, faster, better and more competitive in pricing. In order to put some parameters around these, produces and guy named Sheldon Adelson and a company called the Interface Group started a trade show called Comdex which became the “must go to show” for in industry people to see new products and startup companies. It was great, lot’s to see, lots of people to meet and of course one of the shows was held in Las Vegas every year, so some pretty good parting.  Eventually, the market shifted with the computer, software and accessories industry maturing and stabilizing, with the consumer interest shifting from actual computers to products that were incorporating technology, like televisions, audio, robotics, drones, and an almost endless variety of other products.  With the shift, COMDEX died, and in its wake, the Consumer Electronics Show was born. So when somebody is reporting from CES in the news, they should really be reporting about what’s coming down the road for your home theatre, your car, boat, hobbies, adventures and so on. Not demonstrating that they have no idea about what CES is.

Computer Insider Show #2018-12

Today on Computer Insider, a tale of computer disaster and the steps you can take to save your sanity. My home computer recently became the victim of an attack which really messed up my system. What it did was to write a log file that was designed to fill all of the available disk space on my boot drive, which on my machine is a 500-gigabyte drive which I never allow to exceed more than 50% capacity. One morning when I started working, a message that I had run out of disk space. Simply not possible. A quick search, and sure as Trudeau at a photo op, there is was. A 253 GB log file associated with a subprogram of iTunes. No big deal, delete it and move on, except the file was, according to the operating system, “in use”. OK, time for a more aggressive approach. I don’t use iTunes, so I deleted it and its related programs, now I should be able to get rid of the blocking program. Again, a no go, still locked. Clearly, a reboot would be necessary to free the file for deletion. Hit the appropriate keystrokes, start the reboot. Whoops, not enough disk space to restart. It’s a life-altering situation to realize that your computer is now dead. Fortunately, shortly after I bought my computer I added a Solid State Drive, copied my boot drive to it, and reconfigured the system to boot from the SSD, so I booted to my original disk, accessed the SSD as a data drive, and deleted the rogue file, rebooted again back to my original configuration, and everything worked out. The questions is, “Would you know what to do if your computer failed?”

Computer Insider Show #2018-4

This is Computer insider on 102.9 Whistle FM, your daily look at the technology that is making our daily lives more productive and more enjoyable. We look at everything from tips on getting the most out of your smartphone, to cutting the cord, to smart homes and the impact of technology on cars and appliances. I’m Bob Pritchard

Today on Computer Insider, we’re going to talk about winning the battle of the smart phone. Just in case you missed Smartphones are here to stay. About 3 out of 4 of use a smartphone, and that’s a huge jump from 2011 when only about one in three of us used one. So why the big jump? Well it’s simple. Smartphones do lots of things that consumers like, beyond making phone calls. With current technology phones, you always have a good camera close at hand, which is not only handy for taking pictures, but also for taking notes. Remember the day when you would scribble down class or lecture notes in a workbook. Now a quick shot of the blackboard, and you’ve got it forever.

Another reason for the explosive growth of Smartphones are the numbers of really cool apps that are available to consumers. Have a look at your phone and see if you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and who knows how many others. Not only have we engaged these apps in mass, but the apps have changed to take advantage of better hardware and bandwidth. When I was first doing the TV series, our dream was to do live TV driving around in cars. Today, it’s so commonplace that we don’t even notice when someone does it.

The trick to mastering your phone is to become familiar with the apps you have. Pick on and spend a few minutes every day for a week figuring out what it does and how it works.

Thank you for joining is for this edition of Computer insider on 102.9 Whistle FM. The show is broadcast weekdays during the morning news at 6 and 9, as well as at 4:30 and 5:30 in the afternoon. You can reach us by email at I’m Bob Pritchard.

Computer Insider with Bob Pritchard Show #2018-3

This is Computer insider on 102.9 Whistle FM, your daily look at the technology that is making our daily lives more productive and more enjoyable. We look at everything from tips on getting the most out of your smartphone, to cutting the cord, to smart homes and the impact of technology on cars and appliances. I’m Bob Pritchard

Today on Computer Insider, we’re going to talk about cutting the cord. It’s tough to get real answers of just how fast this is happening as the companies who own both the cable and phone companies also own the radio and television stations, for the most part, who report the news that would in an open fair market talk on these activities, but alas, not in this country. If someone were to go on air and proudly announced that by 2021 almost half of the households in the country will have dumped both traditional phones and kicked cable TV out, there would be an almost immediate job opening at the station.

Last year consumers cancelled traditional cable TV service at a much faster rate than previously expected. US reports say that 22.2 households cut the cord on cable, satellite or telco TV service, that’s an increase of 1/3 from 2016. Ouch. That’s got to hurt the corporate pocket book. 33% from 16.7 million in 2016 — the researcher now predicts. It’s also opened up a new category, “cord-nevers”, people who have never subscribed to cable TV. There are 34.4 million of them today.

Overall, 196.3 million North American adults subscribing to traditional cable, satellite or telco TV services this year, down 2.4% compared with 2016. By 2021, that will drop to 181.7 million, a decline of nearly 10% from 2016. The number of cable viewers 55 and older will continue to rise over the next four years, while for every other age cohort the subscriber tallies will decline.

Thank you for joining is for this edition of Computer insider on 102.9 Whistle FM. The show is broadcast weekdays during the morning news at 6 and 9, as well as at 4:30 and 5:30 in the afternoon. You can reach us by email at I’m Bob Pritchard.

105.9 The Region News April 10, 2014

Police have identified the man accused of stabbing four employees at a North York office building, saying he was in the process of being fired when he attacked his superiors.

Police say Chuang “Ray” Li, 47, from Mississauga is now facing with three counts of attempted murder, four counts of aggravated assault and four counts of assault with a weapon.

A man and woman in their 30s were rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries and remain in critical condition. Two other men were also injured in the attack. Police say one man has been released from hospital while the other will remained in hospital overnight for observation.

The two victims currently in critical condition were believed to be the attacker’s superiors and were in the process of firing him when they were stabbed.

Police say the two victims with less serious injuries allegedly tried to subdue the suspect during the attack.
Paul Kenyon, the man charged with the murder of Marion Deacon, took to a Newmarket witness stand yesterday to tell his version of events.

The 47-year-old said he had a rocky relationship with his then-girlfriend, was hooked on crack and lied to cover up that habit, but insisted he did not kill her.

Ms Deacon, a 46-year-old Whitchurch-Stouffville mother of three, died March 7, 2010 from blunt force trauma to the head and face.


Vaughan councillors are putting their marketing minds to work in an effort to convince YorkUniversity to build a satellite campus in the areas new downtown core, centred at Hwy. 7 and Jane Street.

And, although the city is facing stiff competition from some of its neighbouring municipalities, council says they’re pulling out all the stops to ensure Vaughan has a good chance of landing at the top of the class

If the new campus were to be built at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, it could capitalise on a substantial transit hub including the Spadina subway extension and the Viva rapid transit bus line, which would provide a direct link to York University’s main campus, a few kilometres south at Keele Street and Steeles Avenue.


For the first time in their history the Luminato Festival has partnered with an arts organization and will be headed north to Vaughan. The work of artist Terence Koh, will be featured at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. For Tony Gagliano, Co-Founder and Chair of the festival, the decision to come to Vaughan was an easy one….

Trustees with the Toronto District School Board have voted against a motion to write a letter to city council asking them to enforce nudity laws at this year’s pride parade.

The school board has had a float in the parade since 1996 but some trustees said not enforcing the nudity laws puts into question the family friendliness of the event.

Several members of the board spoke out against the motion, saying it was not their job to police the police.
With our first taste of summer temperatures in the forecast for today, golfers everywhere are looking forward to getting into the swing of the season.

As harsh as the winter conditions actually were, in some ways, it may have been kinder toward the golf course industry than you would expect. Generally, Easter weekend is the target opening date, but most courses in the area are reporting that snow still covered parts of the fairways and frost has yet to come out of the ground locally. However the winter blanket kept an even covering over on the grounds, protecting the surface.

That said, this year the early birdie on the tee block may be feathered while duffers watch for the final thaw.

105.9 The Region News April 9, 2014

A 12-year Scarborough boy remains in serious condition after being hit by a car; the price od housing in York Region is on the rise and Harper turfs a Russian diplomat out of the country.

From the 105 – 9 The Region News Room, I’m Bob Pritchard.


A pre-teen remains in SickKids hospital with life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car in Scarborough yesterday on Danforth Road near St. Clair Avenue.

Witnesses say the boy got off a TTC bus and tried to cross the street when a silver Hyundai hit him.

Police say the distraught driver remained on scene. So far no charges have been laid.

Toronto Traffic Services has taken over the investigation.


Smouldering embers appear to be the cause of a fire in Brampton on the weekend that levelled a Ukrainian church.

Brampton fire officials have deemed the cause of the fire “accidental” and say foul play was not a factor.

Parish officials say they will rebuild St Elias the Prophet Church on Heritage Rd, just north of Bovaird Dr.

Warming weather is pushing a spring pickup in Canada’s residential real estate market, according to Royal LePag. They report that after a “remarkably drab winter” for real estate activity, the final month of the first quarter saw inventory increase noticeably as the industry saw what had been an underperforming spring market turn a corner in the final few weeks.

The company’s latest House Price Survey found that most regions showed healthy year-over-year price growth, with the average price of a home in Canada rising between 2.5 per cent and 5.4 per cent.

Prices here continued to rise in the first quarter thanks to “scarce” inventory. Detached bungalows rose 4.1 per and standard two-storey homes jumped 6.8 per cent, respectively. Standard condos rose 1.5 per cent to an average of $364,979.


Once again hope is running high after officials say that sounds similar to those emitted by aircraft’s black boxes have been detected in the southern Indian Ocean. If the pings can be better triangulated, a video equipped submersible sub will be deployed.


Toyota is recalling nearly 6.4-million vehicles globally for a variety of problems spanning nearly 30 models built between April 2004 through August 2013.

No injuries or crashes have been reported in relation to the recalls, but there have been two fires connected to a defective engine starter.

Twenty-seven Toyota models are being recalled, as well as two other vehicles.


Canada has ordered a Russian diplomat to leave this country, as Moscow stands accused of promoting further unrest in eastern Ukraine.

The expulsion comes a day after Canada accused Moscow of fostering pro-Russian activity in eastern Ukraine after its recent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

Pro-Russian activists have taken over government buildings in Donetsk and have declared their wish to secede from Ukraine. Activists have also taken control of government and media buildings there. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been stationed to the region.

Oscar Pistorius is testifying for a third day at his murder trial. He returned to the witness stand after breaking down in sobs yesterday while describing the moments he said he realized he’d shot his girlfriend by mistake. Pistorius says he called for emergency help after he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, and then police began arriving.

(“…got sick.”) (SOURCE:ABC) (445a)

The prosecutor maintains the double-amputee runner killed Steenkamp after an argument.


The Harper Conservative government is looking for public input on the topic of letting airport security screeners break into checked luggage.

Currently, Canadian airport screeners cannot force open luggage to examine the contents if an X-ray flags a concern.

They must first contact the airline, which then tries to find the passenger.

Transport Canada is seeking feedback on a plan to give screeners the power to break a lock or seal off a suspect bag without tracking down passengers.


In an epic finale more than 70 years in the making, red-headed comic book character Archie Andrews will die trying to save a friend.

The shocking news was announced Tuesday by Archie Comics publisher Jon Goldwater.

Archie will reportedly die in the July edition of “Life with Archie,” which is a spinoff series that explores the character’s life after high school and college.

There are plans for one more edition after the accident

While #36 shows readers Archie’s final moments, #37 to show how the remaining members of the Riverdale gang — including Jughead, Betty and Veronica and Reggie — have honoured the legacy of their friend.