Computer Insider: Too Much Disk Space?

I thought with spring just around the corner, this would be the ideal time to sit back and do a little bit of basic computer maintenance. One of the major down strokes we have with all of cheap hard disk space we have available to us, is that we never really have to worry about being too careful about what were storing because, for the sake of just running down the local store and spending about $100, you can pick up a terabyte or two of additional storage and suddenly you have huge amounts of onboard space available. The sad tale of my story is that I went to install a new application on my computer, and found out that I had no more space available on my boot drive. I never really worried about how much space I had on the drive, because I never store any data on my primary drive, and always store it on secondary or external drives. The reason I do this is because of anything should happen to my boot drive all of my data will be safe and secure. At any rate, what I found in checking my drive was that I had installed multiple versions of various audio and video editing packages and never bothered to delete them. After about five hours of diligent, uninstalling, I found myself back in business with about half my drive available for whatever apps I wanted to install.

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