Computer Insider March 14/14: New App Targets Israeli Business

It this day and age of an app for everything, you have to really wonder where some people are coming from.

A fringe group, known as the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, also known as BDS, is coming out with a “boycott Israel” smartphone app.

This is the same group that went after actress Scarlett Johansson for being a spokesperson for the Israeli company SodaStream, and is now expanding it’s horizons.

The BDS app is reportedly designed to let people carry out boycotts against Israel, and is just entering the beta testing phase.

It will ship with a barcode scanner, allowing users to scan products with their smartphones to see if the manufacturer has ties to Israel. The idea is to give potential boycotters all of the information they need on specific companies before buying a product. The data about the companies has been compiled by BDS, whose mission is to further Palestine rights.

The group recently made news when it pressured Johansson to step down from her post as Oxfam global ambassador after she became SodaStream’s official spokesperson. SodaStream was targeted by pro-Palestinian activists for opening a factory in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank

While several prominent people and organizations — such as Stephen Hawking and the American Studies Association — have recently spoke in favor of Israel boycotts, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the boycotts anti-Semitic.

I personally have an issue with any organization steps forward with anything that promotes hatred and un rest, but I have to admit that I find the app concept quite titillating because it offers ordinary people chance to voice their opinion on a variety of topics. Just think of how popular it would be if you could protest political issues like legalizing marijuana, the price of gas, where Mayor Rod Ford picks up his party supplies, and have the app co-ordinate the key players on the topic and send each of them a personal comment note.

Who knows, maybe if we had a tool like this in the 70’s, we could have convinced Trick Dick to get out of Nam that much sooner.

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