Computer Insider Show #2018-1

Show #2018-1 Script

This is Computer insider on 102.9 Whistle FM, your daily look at the technology that is making our daily lives more productive and more enjoyable. We look at everything from tips on getting the most out of your smartphone, to cutting the cord, to smart homes and the impact of technology on cars and appliances. I’m Bob Pritchard

This is a rather auspicious day as this marks the first show of 2018, marking the start of our 32-year of producing technology shows. I launched the series back in 1986 on a now-defunct national news network called CKO here in Canada, and later grew to be broadcast on Rogers’s news stations across the country, Corus Radio, and nationally in the States on The Business News Network. Later I launched a television show that ran on CTV, and now here we are adding Stouffville to our long list of broadcast partners.

The fundamental goal of these shows is to help you find your way through the minefields and pitfalls of using the tools of today so that you can better understand the technology that you are probably using every day. When we first launched back in 1986, the challenges of the day were helping consumers understand that technology was for everyone and not the exclusive toy of a few backroom techies. That computers were a massively enabling tool that we all would adapt to. Today the challenge is that we have so much technology that we tend to underuse and overlook basic concepts that are not only making our lives more difficult but costing us hard cash as the companies who distribute the products and services we use, have a vested interest in keeping us in the technology dark. We’ll change all that by telling you the way it is, with current information and suggestions. Enjoy. It’s a fun ride.

Thank you for joining us for this edition of Computer insider on 102.9 Whistle FM. The show is broadcast weekdays during the morning news at 6 and 9, as well as at 4:30 and 5:30 in the afternoon. You can reach us by email at I’m Bob Pritchard.