Computer Insider Show #2018-6

Today on Computer Insider, we’re going to talk how to make sure that you’re getting the most from your Wi-Fi at home. For the vast majority of us, our Wi-Fi originates in the router that the cable company supplies when we order our internet service. Typically, the installers will look for an easily accessible location near where your cable comes into your home, called the debarkation point. Over the years, most of the installations in my house have been in the basement near the fuse panel. This is probably not the best location, as it’s a long way for the Wi-Fi to reach second flood bedrooms, and other important locations, like the front and back yards. When I moved here to stouffville, I had the cable company install the internet modem near the TV on the main floor. This greatly increased the signal strength in the master bedroom and back yard, but no so much the front yard. To resolve this problem, we purchased a third party high end router which has really increased both the reach of speed of our Wi-Fi at home. If you have areas that need to have a better signal, you can add in a Wi-Fi extender or, perhaps a better solution is to purchase a hydro adaptor which will let you move your network around the house using your power lines.

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