Computer Insider Show #2018-7

Today on Computer Insider, we’re going to talk about eBook readers. Judy got one for Christmas, and I had rather stupidly assumed that loading books would be as simple as copying files from one device to another. No so. As it turns out, the companies who sell the readers and also deeply involved in the selling of books, so they’ve set things up to be somewhat awkward in the loading of books onto the various devices. The eReader we purchased came equipped with Wi-Fi, so we though that this should be a no brainer. Making a long story short, after several day of connecting, examining directory structure, connecting to Wi-Fi networks, and so on, we gave up and called customer support, the source of all knowledge. As it turns out, moving books you already own to a new device raises the issue of digital rights and the pirating of books. As a solution, most of the companies have integrated their eReader with Adobe Digital Editions, a free software package that checks to make sure you actually have permission to read the book.  Once installed, the process of connecting and copying eBooks was a simple task. So if you’ve hit the brick wall of trying to install and use some piece of software, don’t be a coward, pick up the phone and call for help.

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