Computer Insider Show #2018-9

Today on Computer Insider, a discussion about software. Since I got my very first desktop computer back in the late 1970s, I’ve had software to do the things I got the computer for. And from almost the beginning, there has been a constant pressure to upgrade my apps to the most current version. Is it worth it? Well, that depends. I break down my software into three categories, Mission critical, packages that I use  every day to do the things I feel are really important, things like word processing, spreadsheets, audio editing, VPN and so on. The second group of software is the fun stuff. Packages that make my using of the computer more interesting, like video editing, databases, browsers and so on, and the final group is stuff I wanted to play with, usually demos of something like photo editing, or networks analysis tools, products I really have no interest in owning, but wanted to play with for a bit. When it comes to keeping current, I’m pretty good with the first category. I always upgrade when the updates are free updates, but been a lot more selective when it requires money. It’s always good to be current, but sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between when it’s necessary as compared to when it’s good for the software company.

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