Computer Insider Show #2018-10

Today on Computer Insider, what is a Virtual Private Network and do you really need one? Well, for openers the answer is yes and no. They are a good idea, but for most things, it really doesn’t matter. A VPN allows you to disguise or if you prefer, to change you IP address. AN IP address identifies you and your computer on the internet. Let’s say for example, you wanted to subscribe to Netflix in the States, and you can’t because when you sign up, they tell you that you have to be in the states. What’s happened is that Netflix US looked at you IP address and saw that you are Canadian. By using a VPN, virtual private network, you can select where you want your IP address to be originating from, so that sites you visit will think that you’re in some other location. Think of it this way. You connect your computer to the VPN host. You select a city or country that you want others to think you in, and the VPN host will then assign you a new IP address moving forward during that session. This is a big help when it comes to downloading music, movies or software from, let’s just say, less reputable locations, blocking local authorities from knowing who you are or what your doing.

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