Computer Insider Show #2018-5

Today on Computer Insider, we’re going to talk about music, not so much about how is made, but rather how you can listen to it at home. To this point in technology, the trend has been to use devices like Smartphones like really powerful Walkman’s by plugging in a pair of headphones and playing some sort of music list. Cool, but limited. For years I plugged by media player into a small consumer FM transmitter, found an open frequency, and the n enjoyed my music on any FM radio in the house. The problem is range. Legal transmitters only have a range of about 30 feet, so the signal can be a bit iffy. The next phase can about via Airplay and other similar apps that take your music and move it out over your Wi-Fi network. A big improvement from the small transmitter, but still with a few issues like most of the apps use priority software where the discussion usually starts with you credit card number. In partial use, most require some sort of technology, like a computer or similar device for playback, and that can get expensive. The latest evolution is the development of Bluetooth and advanced Wi-Fi systems from companies like Bose and SONOS. Both products have really raised the musical bar, especially Bose, but the price tag is not for the weak of heart. Expect the price tag for a full system that plays high quality music throughout the house to come in at multiple thousands of dollars, but it does sound good.

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