Computer Insider Show #2018-11

Today on Computer Insider, it’s about cutting the cord, the types of drama that people are going through after they decided that enough is enough with the cable company and the high cost of their product.  I got a call last night from a friend of my wife’s who decided to move to an android TV box and drop her cable TV service. She had a few questions, and who wouldn’t. At the top of the list a question about subscribing to Netflix. Her fear, that there wouldn’t be enough content on the android box to keep her entertained without the regular array of 500 channel cable channels all seemingly showing one of the same 5 programs or so. The answer, don’t bother. There is so many television shows available on the web, you will never be able to watch them all. If you’re going to cut the cord, really cut the cord. Don’t subscribe to any pay service. One of my kids subscribes to Netflix, and we have a licensed copy running at home. I personally have never turned it on, but watch all the big series Netflix shows delivered by free apps like Show Box and Neptune. And remember that all the local TV stations maintain over the air signals, maybe not so good here in Stouffville, but still out there and totally free. If your going to cut the cord, really cut the cord.