Computer Insider Show #2018-12

Today on Computer Insider, a tale of computer disaster and the steps you can take to save your sanity. My home computer recently became the victim of an attack which really messed up my system. What it did was to write a log file that was designed to fill all of the available disk space on my boot drive, which on my machine is a 500-gigabyte drive which I never allow to exceed more than 50% capacity. One morning when I started working, a message that I had run out of disk space. Simply not possible. A quick search, and sure as Trudeau at a photo op, there is was. A 253 GB log file associated with a subprogram of iTunes. No big deal, delete it and move on, except the file was, according to the operating system, “in use”. OK, time for a more aggressive approach. I don’t use iTunes, so I deleted it and its related programs, now I should be able to get rid of the blocking program. Again, a no go, still locked. Clearly, a reboot would be necessary to free the file for deletion. Hit the appropriate keystrokes, start the reboot. Whoops, not enough disk space to restart. It’s a life-altering situation to realize that your computer is now dead. Fortunately, shortly after I bought my computer I added a Solid State Drive, copied my boot drive to it, and reconfigured the system to boot from the SSD, so I booted to my original disk, accessed the SSD as a data drive, and deleted the rogue file, rebooted again back to my original configuration, and everything worked out. The questions is, “Would you know what to do if your computer failed?”