Computer Insider Show #2018-13

Today on Computer Insider, do you deep down in your heart believe that one day your cell phone provider, popularly referred to as the telco, will call you, telling you that the rates have changed either by offering more product for the same dollar or by reducing your cost for your existing service? I’ve been using mobile, cellular and smartphone services since the early 80s and I’m yet to receive any such call. If you want to really manage the cost and performance of your phone account, you need to be proactive. That starts with a basic understanding that the market is in a constant state of flux with new deals always appearing, usually related to getting more product for the same dollar. For example, my account has had unlimited national calling, text, messaging and 2GB of data for $60 per month. This is really not much of a standout deal, but it works for us. The weak point is the data, where 2 GB means that we have to compromise on what we do when we are out and about. I prepping this show, I keep track of new plans and offers and saw that some companies were offering everything we had, but with 10 GB for the same $60.  We called our telco, no fights, no arguments, explained what we had found elsewhere, and low and behold, we flip into the new package on the next billing cycle. If you don’t keep track of what’s going on, it’s a virtual certainty that fairly quickly you will be overpaying for your phone.