Computer Insider Show #2018-14

Today on Computer Insider, CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s been fun watching the stories last week on mainstream TV news from CES because they really have no idea what the show is about, and why it’s important. Way back in the beginning of computer time, new computers were being introduced on an almost daily basis, with each new product offering more, faster, better and more competitive in pricing. In order to put some parameters around these, produces and guy named Sheldon Adelson and a company called the Interface Group started a trade show called Comdex which became the “must go to show” for in industry people to see new products and startup companies. It was great, lot’s to see, lots of people to meet and of course one of the shows was held in Las Vegas every year, so some pretty good parting.  Eventually, the market shifted with the computer, software and accessories industry maturing and stabilizing, with the consumer interest shifting from actual computers to products that were incorporating technology, like televisions, audio, robotics, drones, and an almost endless variety of other products.  With the shift, COMDEX died, and in its wake, the Consumer Electronics Show was born. So when somebody is reporting from CES in the news, they should really be reporting about what’s coming down the road for your home theatre, your car, boat, hobbies, adventures and so on. Not demonstrating that they have no idea about what CES is.