Computer insider Show #2018-16

Today on Computer Insider, Have you been able to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology? Most of us haven’t, or at the very least are very slow at adapting to new concepts. Let me give you an example. Last week we decided that we needed to replace the brush head on our drag around a vacuum cleaner. We phoned the manufacturer, gave them the model number, paid by credit card, and received the replacement part a few days late. It looked like a complete no-brainer, till we opened the box and discovered that there were no instructions. Well, now what? Being handy with a screwdriver, we decided to start dismantling the head unit, and then we hit a roadblock, decided that we needed a better plan of attack, and reached for a tablet. We typed in the make and model of the vacuum, youtube and hit enter. At the speed of light there it was a full detailed video showing exactly how to replace the brush head. 40-seconds later, the new brush was installed and then ½ an hour putting all the screws back in, and the job was done. The moral of the story, pretty much anything you want to fix, adjust or rebuild probably has a comprehensive how-to video on YouTube. Hit the easy button, and watch before you destroy.