Computer insider Show #2018-17

Are you a dedicated Apple user? The one fact about Apple fans is that they are fanatical. Way back in the 80’s when I started this show, Apple here in Canada was very reluctant to support media that weren’t totally dedicated to focusing on Apple product, but that didn’t last after computers became a part of pretty much everyone’s daily lives. Anyway, to point of today’s story. Late last year it was revealed that Apple was secretly slowing older iPhones to protect their batteries from excessive degradation. When the story broke, corporate head office apologized and instituted a battery replacement program. They cut the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements for any iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced by $64 — from $99 to $35US.

So all is good in paradise? No, not really. Late last week, Tim Cook, chief honcho at Apple stumbled when asked whether Apple might have failed to properly inform customers about what was going on. Cook that a lot of people may have missed the announcement.

And why do you think this may be? It’s only speculation, but most consumers I know look to upgrade their equipment when they feel that it’s fallen off the technology mark, so possibly, it was a subtle nudge to Apple customers to purchase new iPhones rather than holding on to older models.

It may not be worth rushing out for a replacement battery as new iPhone 6 Plus batteries, for example, reportedly won’t be available until March.