Computer insider Show #2018-18

Today on Computer Insider, a look at a stupidly expensive tech toy that has little or no value, but is fun anyway. It’s called a “Smart Mirror”. The concept behind the mirror is that, well, every one of us, at some point in the day, looks into a mirror to brush our teeth, do our hair, make sure that everything is on straight, in other words, we all use one multiple times per day, so why not add some smarts to the process.

So what does it do to justify the 15-hundred dollar price tag? Well, a smart mirror can display the weather, time, date, news and other data. It can even show video clips for informational and entertainment purposes. Some high-end smart mirrors are interactive and feature touchscreen displays and let you know when your coffee and toast are done, presuming you have a smart toaster and Krieg. My toaster is dumb, it can’t even figure out how to properly make toast.

Some Smart Mirrors have an element of beauty tech that let you use technology to look after your skin care, hair treatment, and what lies beneath, kind of like a dermatologist in a smartphone, only more reflective.

And if all of that isn’t enough to get you part with a big chunk of cash, Smart mirrors add a futuristic touch to any setting. Mirror Mirror on the on the web, whose’s the dumbest of them all.