Computer insider Show #2018-20

Today on Computer Insider, everybody’s favourite topic, cars. The Detroit Motor Show is running through to the end of the month showing a wide array of concept cars, vision of how the future of motoring may look, and seducing many with technology that will have your head spinning especially if driverless cars become more of a reality.

Jumping past the digital dashboards, the big hype is for more green, like the third generation Honda Insight, where the engine often only acts as a generator, recharging the battery to run the electric motor.

Nissan has revealed the XMotion concept showing what the future of SUVs could look like, which combines Japanese culture and design with American convenience. It features seven digital screens inside, just in case you can’t make up your mind about what to watch.

Chinese manufacturer GAC unveiled The Enverge which is built on an all-new electric vehicle platform and is powered by a 71kWh battery that gives the small crossover a range of more than 370 miles. It comes with gull-wing doors and “floating” digital dash-screen. Among its more outlandish features are the headlights, which slide out and detach to be used as floodlights.

Lexus unveiled a full-sized luxury SUV concept, the LF-1 Limitless, which is designed to accept a range of engines from fuel cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric. Lexus calls it a “four-dimensional navigation system”, with the fourth dimension – time – meaning the vehicle has an intelligent assistant on-board that anticipates destinations based on the driver’s schedule and other information.