iPhone Users vs Android Users

There’s a battle line developing in the technology market, that personally, I’m just plain sick of. It’s the “which smartphone is better, Apple or Android?”

iPhone users around the world just had threw up their defensive shield, and are preparing to defend their turf to the last dollar in their bank account. And that’s OK, because I really don’t care.

The truth of the matter is I really don’t like my phone, but have come to learn that it’s the best one I own, and if I were to jump ship from Samsung to iPhone, I would be no further ahead.

You see, I really don’t care that I have a billion pixels in my camera, that there are 100-trillion apps available, how pretty the case is or whether I was the first person in town to actually own one.

What I care about is that when I go to make a call, that I easily connect to my provider, that the people I call can easily hear me, and I them. I care that the battery lasts a long time, I care that I can read the screen and I care what it costs to keep the whole thing working every month.

Do I care if Apple is better than Samsung? No, not at all. Here’s how it works in my mind. My phone remains in use till after it’s finished it’s contract and till it dies or there is some other “must have” new or upgraded feature that I just have to have. When I switched from Blackberry to the Galaxy S2, it was because we needed a new phone for a staff member, so I got the S2, and they got my old phone. Later, I jumped to the S4 2-years after my contract expired because my wife needed a replacement phone, and Samsung was just launching S4, with LTE, which in my mind was a significant feature. So we ended up with 2 new phones, purchases made on price, both with LTE, and I love it, my Samsung more so that the Nexus 4.

The real story about smartphones is what’s happening in the global market, because god is on the side of the heavy artillery.

The most recent data from IDC shows that for Q3 of 2013 Android made up 81 percent of devices shipped. That’s right, four out of every five smartphones shipped in Q3 were built on Android. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS scraped by with a sad and distant second place figure of only 12.9 percent

On the other side of the coin, Apple during that same period—Q3 of 2013—Apple made more money than all of its competitors combined, taking in 56 percent of the profit in the mobile device market.

This is where I become a little paranoid. If Apple is making 56% of the profits with 12% of unites shipped, then it has to be that Apple users are paying 4 times more for their toy than I am for my Android.

And thank you very much; I would just prefer to keep my money in my pocket than watching Apple celebrate huge profits.



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