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Retro Show #115 Jan 29, 1995 on CTV


Show #115 Jan 29, 1995 on CT

News of the Week: Microsoft offers a free upgrade to correct an issue in new Pentium processorsPetioles move on to the internet and New York State introduces legislation to stop the spread of kiddy porn.


Silicon Graphics,(later re-branded SGI, historically known as Silicon Graphics Computer Systems or SGCS) was an American manufacturer of high-performance computing solutions, including computer hardware and software. Founded in 1982 by Jim Clark, its initial market was 3D graphics display terminals, but its products, strategies and market positions evolved significantly over time.


Software distribution is the process of delivering software to the end user. This is not to be confused with a distribution, or distro, which is collection of software components built, assembled and configured so that it can be used essentially “as is” for its intended purpose. Software distribution is often the closest thing to turnkey form of free software. It may take the form of a binary distribution, with anexecutable installer which can be downloaded from the Internet. Examples range from whole operating system distributions to serverand interpreter distributions (for example WAMP installers). Software distribution can also refer to careware and donateware.


In this episode of Computer Insider, host Bob Pritchard looks at a CD based software package that helps users fix things around their homes.


Bob talks with Mr. Morton L. Topfer., Mort, is a Senior Advisor at Rein Capital, LLC. Previously, Mr. Topfer was a Founding Board Member at the firm. He is a Managing Director at Castletop Capital. Mr. Topfer is also a Co-Founder of Castletop Capital and joined it in 2002. Previously, He served at Dell Computer Corporation from 1994 to 2002 as a Counselor to Dell’s Chief Executive Officer, advising in matters of critical importance to the company. Mr. Topfer joined the firm in 1994 …