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Computer Insider is the world's first broadcast technology series, launched in 1986. Since our first broadcast, we have been constantly redefining our content to meet the needs of consumers to delivering information of value to today's consumer.

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  • Show #2018-40 Broadcast February 23

    • March 3
    Well, the Canadian International Auto show is just finishing its first week at the Toronto Convention center, showing a huge number of production cars, concept more..
  • Show #2018-39 Broadcast February 22

    • March 3
    • 2 min
    We’ve been looking at various ways to buy replacement technology, looking at new, refurbished or from somebody on one of the “buy & sell” websites. more..
  • Show #2018-38 Broadcast February 21

    • March 3
    • 2 min
    Today we continue the saga of the unfortunate passing of my desktop computer and the search for a suitable replacement. Yesterday we talked about the more..
  • Show #2018-37 Broadcast February 20

    • March 3
    • 2 min
    We talked last time about surviving a complete failure of your primary computing device, which leads to today’s show about what to consider when you more..


Bob is a veteran broadcaster who launched the first broadcast syndicated radio series globally in 1986 on CKO Radio in 1986. The show grew to national broadcasters like The Business Radio Network based in NYC, Rogers Broadcasting, a national Canadian organization and in 1991 with the launch of a weekly television 30-minute show it appeared on CTV with both the weekly show as well as daily "snippets" that there incorporated in the late evening news and on their morning show.


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Show #2018-60 Broadcast March 23