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Computer Insider Show 2019-031 February 12, 2019

Just in case you missed it, the “smart” craze seems to have moved along into the stupid category, which is a hard thing for me to agree with given that I just love technology, but it could be that things are going a bit too far. In my search to find new tidbits of technology news, I came across a company that has introduced smart socks. Apparently, the big buzz in the new release of Sen-soria’s pressure-sensing socks is the reduced the size of the ankle cuff, where the transmitter is located and relays the landing zone and cadence information to a smartphone app. The new version has a thinner athletic sock and postage stamp-sized chip that reads info from flexible textile sensors on the bottom of the sock. The removable chip can be connected to smart apparel like a sports bra and workout shirt. The cost… $199 US. Personally, I see two serious issues that will be tough to overcome. First is the fashion side. If you happen to be wearing long pants, no problem, no one going to notice that your socks look really weird, but all that’s out the window in the summer when you decide to wear shorts, or if you decide to wear something like a dress or skirt. My mind is working its way through the new look of Bay Street with all those up can comers wearing geek socks. I’m still fuzzy on just where the battery goes.

My other issue is the price. Never in my wildest imagination have I ever considered buying a pair of $300 socks. It’s simply just too far out there. And of course, in the interest of hygiene, you would need several pairs, given that you should change personal items on a daily basis.

But if you’re incredibly wealthy, like the geek look and personal hygiene isn’t a challenge, go ahead and knock yourself out.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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Computer Insider Show 2019-031 February 12, 2019