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Computer Insider Show 2019-033 February 14, 2019

Today is the day for lovers, Valentine’s Day, and this being a technology show, today the gift of love to celebrate. The gift I’m referring to is called is an ingenious digital/analog wooden box called the Lovebox. It’s built for sharing love notes, drawings and positive thoughts with the person you love most. I’m not sure how my bank manager is going to respond to this.

The Lovebox aims to be an alternative to sending flowers or taking your loved one out to dinner. And while texts, photos and video messages can express your feelings, they tend to get lost in the flood of daily notifications we receive, which is why a French company launched the Lovebox. Its singular purpose is to let your special someone know you love them. You can send one to 24 Sussex drive. Just with Justin on the envelope, and the Mounties will take it from there.

The Lovebox sits in your loved one’s home and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. You send your special someone a short message or drawing with the Lovebox app available on iOS and Android. When the box receives the message, an itsy-bitsy red heart spins like a pinwheel. The heart continues to spin until your main squeeze lifts the lid to read the message on the display.

There is something precious about a tiny little heart on a small wooden cube spinning in silence. It is such a simple hallmark to symbolize that you’re loved. When you open the lid it feels like you’ve discovered a secret message.

Everything about this box is endearing and unassuming: the size, the curved corners, the silent way the heart spins and even the black-and-white display. It is refreshing to see how Lovebox integrates messaging into something so discreet. There are no loud notifications or lights to get your attention — just a palm-sized spinning heart.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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Computer Insider Show 2019-033 February 14, 2019