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Show #2018-222 November 6, 2018

One of the apps that I watch a lot on my android TV box is called Show Box, and its big advantage is its menuing system which keeps track of which episodes of which shows you’ve already watched. This is a huge leg up when you take your favourite shows and decide to watch them over again, staring at the very beginning, and there are, in some cases, up to 17 seasons to work your way through.

Last weekend, I decided to do a little research and see if I could figure out where this app originated from, and if in fact, it was legal for them to stream these shows and movies.

Quickly, I found out that Show Box is based in Russia and uses a series of servers to deliver a pretty much seamless stream of shows to their customer base, and with respect to its legality, according to the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, it is totally legal. Why do I have my doubts? I can see why it would be legal to watch the videos because you’re actually not sharing it with anyone, just consuming the content, but I can’t see how it is legal for them to stream the content online. Oh well, I’ll leave that one for their lawyers.

There are a few restrictions, one of the big ones being that you have to be in the US. I’m assuming that this has to do with money. They run a banner ad every time you click on something, and I’m sure they are generating revenue for those banner ads. Fortunately, in technology terms, to be in the US, you only need an American IP address, which is pretty easy to acquire by using a VPN or Virtual Private Network which lets you select whatever city you want. I usually select Dallas because of the warm weather and decent football teams there.

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Show #2018-222 November 6, 2018