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Show #2018-223 November 7, 2018

OK, I’m probably more into high tech toys than most living people, but I have to admit I’m at a complete loss as to why I would want a “smart” washing machine. So as in most cases where I don’t get it, it was off to the internet to find out what truly mind-blowing advantage I could get from interfacing with the spin cycle.  As you may have suspected, the “smart functions have nothing to do with the actual washing of your clothes at all. Admittedly, the machines that have a smart component all seem to be high-end units up to 10 kg drum capacity, and a super fast spin that rotates around 1,500 revolutions per minute, reducing drying time while saving you energy, but again nothing to do with getting personnel from the laundry room.

In fact the whole reason for going “smart” is to let you know how your washing machine is doing from the comfort of the sofa or load up the machine in the morning and remotely switch it on when leaving work, ready to take out freshly laundered clothes when you get home. Peggy Bundy would be so proud, Bon Bon’s forever. And apparently, it can also reach out to the manufacturer whenever to feels like it needs a quick visit from a service person. Somehow, I don’t see the Maytag guy going hi-tech so he can play sudoku with your machine during the wash cycle.

The manufacturers of these things say that having a smart washer gives you a chance to spend more time doing the things you love and less time doing the washing.

You should also be aware that these sorts of machines are fairly pricey. You can pick one up for just over 2700 Canadian plus tax and shipping.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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Show #2018-223 November 7, 2018