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Show #2018-241 December 3, 2018

I was shocked when I hear that Netflix has cracked up their rates last week. I understand that prices tend to go up, but it just struck me as wrong on so many levels. First of all, the amount of the increase seems to be so unfair. For most people, the increase is $3 or about 30%. Can you imagine if your mortgage payment, your car payment or your phone bill jumped 30%? There would be riots in the streets, but I suppose that the geniuses who run Netflix Canada feel that the rump is justified. Although, you would have to ask why us and not other countries. The Americans got a much better deal. Their rates only went up $1 per month, and that’s for new customers only. Existing customers have their prices protected for two years. I guess Canadians are just plain polite, or maybe not.

In the aftermath of the pillaging of Canadian customers, a new advertising campaign has hit the internet telling us that we can save a pile of money by subscribing to a VPN service, registering your system to an American IP and then subscribing to the US Netflix service. I’m not so sure about that one. These things tend to not quite work as advertised.

Another simple fact of life is that the Netflix service is a halfway point between traditional cable TV and getting all of your television and movies directly off the internet, for nothing more than the cost of your internet service, which would already have to have for Netflix anyway.

The reality is, that like the cable companies who are losing subscribers faster than MPPs leaving the PC party at Queens park, are losing to Android TV where everything is free. Mark my words, jacking up prices only motivates more and more people to cancel their services.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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Show #2018-241 December 3, 2018