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Show #2018-242 December 4, 2018

Online shoppers, at least in the States, apparently opened their wallets even more than expected on Cyber Monday.

Heading into the big event, experts had expected the day’s online retail sales to generate a new record of $7.8 billion. But the sales were so brisk late Monday that total sales were expected to surpass that pace, with consumers putting an additional $100 million in purchases into their online shopping carts. By the way, all the numbers were quoting here are American.

Overall, U.S. shoppers spent about $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday, up 19.7 per cent over last year. For the shopping season so far, consumers have spent $58.5 billion online, up 19.9 per cent.

Helping drive the Cyber Monday spend-fest was e-tailing giant Amazon, which said the day was its single biggest shopping day in the company’s history with more products ordered globally than any previous day. U.S. consumers purchased more products than ever over the five-day shopping period, beginning with American Thanksgiving day.

Amazon did not release sales figures in dollar values but said customers worldwide ordered more than 18 million toys and more than 13 million fashion items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, combined.

Its best-selling products online on Cyber Monday were the Echo Dot, AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity test kit, Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices, Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming”

Despite all the hype, Cyber Monday was not the best day to buy TVs. That was Black Friday (prices reduced 18 per cent), while Sunday had some of the best deals on toys (prices cut 31.6 per cent).

As far as smartphone sales went, consumers spent $2.1 billion on Cyber Monday on their smartphones, up 48 per cent over a year ago. Mobile shopping accounted for 51.4 per cent of online site visits – 43.6 per cent via smartphones, 7.8 per cent on tablets –making it the first Cyber Monday where more than half of visits came from mobile.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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Show #2018-242 December 4, 2018