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Show #2019-005 January 7, 2019

We’re still waiting on the sales results for smartwatches from Christmas 2018, but early indicators suggest that aggressive marketing from Samsung may have paid off. The pushed a couple of models through the retail channel, the Gear S3 and the Galaxy Watch. Given that it’s virtually impossible to make a decision standing in the store, price and deals becomes a significant factor in the purchase decision. The Apple Watch series 4 has been selling for well over $600 taxes included, while the equivalent Samsung watches are on your wrist and out the door for about $375. That’s a huge difference, without a whole lot of additional value.

One of the major changes I’ve noticed since Christmas is that there is a much larger number of people walking around wearing smartwatches. It could be that many have discovered the advantages of wearing the most popular accessory for you smartphone on the planet, or it could be the influx of cheap smartwatches, under $50, that are available, giving people to look like there in the game, without actually parting with the big cash.

Unfortunately, the big challenge in strapping on a smartwatch is figuring out what to do with it. Getting the time is a no brainier, but the managing the rest is a significant challenge. We still don’t have a lot of “how to’s” available on YouTube and the people who wrote the manual seem to be lacking an understanding of just what people want their watches to do.

For example, both Judy and I wear our watches to bed at night so we can monitor our sleep cycles. Sounds great, but unfortunately, even in do not disturb mode, the face of the watch lights up periodically, which kind of lights up the room.

Probably the reality is that there will be a few firmware updates over the next several months that will deal with these sorts of issues.

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Show #2019-005 January 7, 2019