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Show #2019-65 April 1, 2019

Every once in a long time, I notice that we’ve passed a new landmark in the technology world. Past events included the first time I was in a car with four people, all talking on their cell phones at the same time. Quite a commonplace today, but hack in the late 80s it was something that caused me to pause and recognize that mobile phone technology had gone mainstream, and it would be a part of my life moving forward. A similar event happened last week when I was in a room with a number of people working on a project, and I realized that everyone in the room was wearing a smartwatch. Not that it means anything, but they were all Galaxy watches, and it gave me that same feeling I had in 1988 with cell phones. Smartwatches are now mainstream, and an ever-increasing number of people have opted for them. I’m not going to offer any sort of crystal ball explanation, but I presume that it’s because a smartwatch is now a natural extension of your smartphone, and brings forward more apps and functions that simply makes life better, easier and more convenient.

And while we’re on the topic of smartphones, a new revelation. I’ve always realized that phones and watches connect via Bluetooth and that both have Wi-Fi, but I never realized how well it worked. I had to go out for some shopping last week, and grabbed my phone and headed out. While I was driving along Main ST, my phone started ringing. Well, it was in my pocket and I was driving, so I let it go, and when I got to the store, I checked to see who had called, and low and behold, I had my wife’s phone, and she had used the “locate phone” feature on her watch which I received some 5 km from the house.

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