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Show #2019-52 Broadcast March 13, 2019

We had a minor disaster in our home the other day, our electric toothbrush died after many years of faithful service, and we had to buy a replacement. What a shock. Just in case you haven’t been out looking, an electric toothbrush today can cost as much as $300 by the time you get it home. So how did something, and by something I’m referring to the old-fashioned manual toothbrush that you could buy for a dollar or two blossoms up to three hundred dollars and is it worth it?

Let’s start with the important stuff…

I wanted it to be Bluetooth compatible. Not that there was any specific reason for it other than generally speaking, when something connects to your smartphone and has an app associated with it, it does good things, like in the car when we ordered all sorts of sensors, like a blind spot alert and back up camera over the objections of my wife, which we now both just love.

So my thinking was that any toothbrush machine we buy should last up to 10-years, and of course replacing the actual brush as required, so when you amortise the cost over all that time, putting a little extra into the purchase up front seems to make sense.

The first thing we learned is that every electric toothbrush made is the best and is recommended by dentists everywhere. Wow, that was helpful.

Next, we looked at the Bluetooth advantages, and felt that they did offer a chance to do a better job at keeping the dentist and his drill out of my mouth. Our new toothbrush has an alert if you are pressing too hard, it keeps track of how you well clean each part of you mouth, it times you to make sure you put in the time, and we bought it because it was on sale and we could use reward points to pay for most of it.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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