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Show #2019-54 Broadcast March 15, 2019 – Computer Insider
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Show #2019-54 Broadcast March 15, 2019

Just a Hodge podge of updates for you today.

Off the top, there have been a number of issues reported with the android app “Showbox” where you start a movie and get the audio but no picture. For whatever the reason, the simple solution is to go to your VPN settings, that’s a Virtual Private Network or VPN, which is a connection method that adds security and privacy when you are using your computer and it lets you use an IP address from any gateway city the service provides. Anyway, to use ShowBox your gateway address must be somewhere in the US, and if you start to lose the video, but keep the audio, then change the gateway city to another US gateway city. It’s really easy to do, and there are lots of How To videos on YouTube.

Some good news for fans of military movies, Kursk, and a new movie about the sinking of a Russian sub in 2000 has finally made onto the internet with 1080p and decent audio. The initial copies had the 1080P video, but the audio was really bad. The updated version hit Showbox and Magic Dragon last week.

I’m still very much pleased with Real Debrid, which is a pay service that lets you connect to their servers for movies, television shows and music. You may be asking why pay for something that is otherwise free? The answer is simple, for about $2 a month, it’s pretty much a no-miss discussion. Now that we have millions and millions of people cutting cable and turning to the entertainment for video, there is a congestion issue as more try to access content. By using Real Debrid, you bypass the congestion and can pretty much watch whatever you want, whenever to want, if you prefer watching in real time, rather than download and watch later.

Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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