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Show #2019-74 April 12, 2019 – Computer Insider
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Show #2019-74 April 12, 2019

We’re setting the record straight on the status of 5G phones and whose doing what, despite TV advertising here that is hyping 5G phones. If you missed any of the shows, they are all available on our website Computer Insider.org, and the show numbers are 2019- 72, 73 and 74.

Let’s talk about Lenovo and their Motorola line. They unveiled the Motorola Moto Z3, a phone that has 5G, kind of. It only connects to 5G with a Moto Mod modular accessory, which attaches to the back of the phone using magnetic pins.

Earlier this month Verizon launched its 5G network in parts of downtown Chicago and Minneapolis and early reviews found that the network wasn’t as fast or reliable as expected. 

As for a Motorola phone that wouldn’t need an accessory to connect to 5G, the company is working on making such a device, but you’ll have to wait much longer. Motorola Mobility says that a phone would come, not this year, but in less than 3-years, but no time frame yet.

Let’s have a look at Huawei who have combined the two hottest phone trends of 5G, speeds and foldable displays, they have announced the Mate X with a 6.6-inch display when folded closed, and 8-inch OLED screen when you flip it open. It also features a 4,500-mAh battery and three rear cameras. The Mate X is scheduled to launch in the middle of the year and will cost a whopping $3,500 Canadian.

There are some questions as to availability as the Americans are calling it a security threat to the Department of Defense, the US government banned the sale of Huawei phones on US military bases, and many American retailers have followed suit.

There are a number of smaller manufacturers who will at some point launch 5G products, but no need to rush out anytime soon as the networks that make it all possible are still being tested. Reporting for Computer Insider, I’m Bob Pritchard

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